After four years at Celgene and nearly a decade at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Amit Gulwadi left pharma to join Saama as Senior Vice President, Clinical Innovations & Product Management in 2018.

In this webinar, Amit explains how his direct knowledge of the problems that plague clinical trials is shaping his innovation roadmap.

“Our goal at Saama is to remove the daily frustrations and distractions of clinical trial operations professionals,” Amit says. “These include always waiting for information, dealing with conflicting versions of ‘the truth,’ and constant management requests for updates.”

Gregory T. Simpson, Saama’s Vice President, Head of Marketing, led a lively discussion on how Amit’s work is disrupting the industry. Topics include:

  • Operational analytics that use predictive KPIs to show you what’s about to happen, instead of traditional KPIs that only show you what already happened. Predictive KPIs help managers anticipate issues, intervene earlier, and improve oversight.

  • Patient data analytics that provide a dynamic interface to explore data, and enable true cross-study, multi-dimensional patient profile analysis.

  • Deep Learning Intelligent Assistant (DaLIA), an AI-based application that transforms how you interact with and gain insights from your data, through an easy-to-use, context- and domain-aware conversational experience.

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Amit Gulwadi

Amit Gulwadi

Amit is responsible for discovering and introducing emerging concepts across the clinical research value chain. He executes Saama’s clinical analytics innovation roadmap to improve the life sciences industry’s existing clinical analytics ecosystem. Amit works closely with internal business and technology groups to understand and help shape their strategies and goals related to application development, artificial intelligence and machine learning, clinical technology, enhanced user experiences, collaboration, mobile, wearables and big data.

Gregory T. Simpson

Gregory T. Simpson

Greg leads Saama’s overall marketing strategy and execution. He and his team are responsible for building and strengthening the Saama brand, supporting growth strategies, cultivating opportunities, and increasing demand for Saama’s solutions. Prior to joining Saama, Greg spent over five years at Medidata Solutions, a leader in eClinical development software, where he led an integrated marketing team, built a marketing operations team, and led product marketing for the Medidata Clinical Cloud.

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