Customer 360
for Insurance: promise, pitfalls, roadmap for success

Customer 360 for Insurance: It's All About Speed

Customer 360 implementations often fall short of expectations. They can take years to roll out. Constant delays lead to frustrations, resource burnout, and lack of ROI.

Speed is critical for Customer 360. Download this new e-book to find out:

  • Why speed is so critical
  • The two elements of speed
  • How you can get to fast insights with Customer 360


Customer analytics: The roadmap to retention and growth in the digital economy

Thirty percent of new insurance customers will leave your company within the first year. Data science, geared towards big and unstructured data, is now making it possible for insurers to get an integrated view of their customers, and to reach customer insights in real-time.

At this webinar we are teaming up with Jeff Goldberg, Vice President of Research and Consulting at Novarica. We will discuss the hurdles for insurers in the digital era, what drives customers away, and how Customer 360 can drive better segmentation, targeting and growth.

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  • Jeff Goldberg, Vice President, Research and Consulting, Novarica
  • Amrita Dhar, Sr Solutions Manager, Saama Technologies

Saama Fluid AnalyticsTM


Saama Fluid AnalyticsTM

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